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Alternative tube maps

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The Painted Amphitheatre of Markt Mauerplatz (I SAW IT #5)

I SAW IT Arriving in Berlin on the early flight on a blisteringly cold January morning. Grey and cold and empty. Too tired to countenance much. Coming upon the beautiful colours of this amphitheatre behind Markt Mauerplatz in East Berlin. … Continue reading

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Max Herbert: painter

Max Herbert is a painter. He is currently working on PROJECT PAINT EVERYONE, a series of 1000 portraits. Quick Bright Things thinks his work speaks for itself.   To read more about Max and his work, please click here.

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Collage from Underground S&M movies by Jessica Edwards. Originally published some time ago in Isis magazine. (Read more about the Isis: click here.)

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The Ruined Church at Abney Park Cemetary (I SAW IT #4)

I SAW IT Beautiful and sad. It reminds me of bits of Oxford.

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Little Key (I SAW IT #3)

I SAW IT Clavicle series In human anatomy, the clavicle is a long bone that serves as a strut between the scapula and the sternum. It is the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally. It makes up … Continue reading

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The Kissing Birds of Clissold Park (I SAW IT #2)

I SAW IT Budgies papp’d

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